About Us

Ocean Star Logistics Pte Ltd is one of Fiji’s leading freight imports and exports services providers.

We are an international “Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier” (NVOCC) and you will find our head office at Tamavua I Wai Road, in Suva, Fiji Islands.

Email: info@osl.com.fj

Phone: 3305044 / 8921871

About Our Name: The name Ocean Star is derived from a title of Mary, mother of Jesus, in the catholic hymn, Hail Queen of Heaven, The Ocean Star.

About Our Logo: The yellow and red symbolises the Chinese colours of joy and prosperity. The yellow also represents the light of the Holy spirit. The red, represents the blood of Jesus shared for the salvation of mankind. The twelve stars represents the book of revelations 12:1 “…. A woman clothed with the sun, …. and on her head, a crown of twelve stars.”

Thus, the twelve stars have biblical references to the twelve tribes of Israel and the twelve apostles of Jesus. The blue represents the crest of the wave.

The colours when combined together, form a circle of colours representing the universe and its diversity of people of God and our services to nations, businesses and people as their freight logistic services provider. We are your servants. Your freighting needs will always be our top priority.

To God always, the honour and the Glory, through Mary our Mother.

Our team at Ocean Star Logistics Pte Ltd, is made up of positive thinkers and go getters. Freighting is nothing new to us. We have been in the business for the past 19 odd years, but now we simply have adopted a new name.

We are a people company and our daily work relationship is based on team prayers to begin our day. A team that prays together, will work joyfully together. Respect, harmony, understanding, goodwill, patience and integrity are the basis on which we carry out our daily businesses and serve our customers.

Our Contact Information:

You can email all your queries to: info@osl.com.fj or theresa@osl.com.fj

Our Website address is www.oslfijilogistics.com

Our office direct lines are: 679 – 3305044 / 679 – 8921871 or you can contact our Director, Mrs Theresa Chan on 679 – 8901902.